DoubleTree Hotel

Activation Zone

In 2023, the Organizing Committee presents the brand new activation area to welcome delegations one after the other as soon as they arrive at the hotel. Participants will have the chance to fraternize with other universities and have a first official contact with the JDC. Don't worry, we've got all sorts of crazy activities ready for you as soon as you arrive in Montreal.

New City Gas

Buffer Zone and opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place at the New City Gas bar, immediately after the Buffer Zone. This event will be the very first moment when all the delegations will come together for the first time. The electrifying evening will continue on the dance floor as the main hall of New City Gas will hold the opening ceremonies as well as the first party.

Palais des Congrès


The closing gala of the JDC will take place in the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. Being accessible from the hotel by the underground passages, it is the perfect place to end the festivities in a memorable way. A long-awaited event, the gala will be chic, elegant, but above all electrifying. It is during this closing ceremony that the exceptional work of the winners will be highlighted.

HEC Montreal

Academic & social competitions

The brand new Hélène-Desmarais building in the heart of downtown, which will open its doors this fall, is among the 20 most anticipated architectural projects in the world! This pavilion will have all the facilities necessary for the smooth running of the competition while providing a breath of fresh air to participants who can claim to be the first delegation to have participated in a university competition in this architectural emblem. It will therefore be the place of choice to host the academic and social aspects as well as several other activities.

Stade Percival Molson

Sports competitions

Only six minutes from the hotel, the McGill Fitness Complex is the perfect venue to hold sports. Percival Molson Stadium will host the outdoor sport while the Tomlinson Fieldhouse, located next door, will be the venue used for the indoor sport. The complex is extremely well equipped, with the possibility of providing equipment and personnel according to our needs. The capacity of the places makes it easy to accommodate a large number of spectators, which will make the experience of our athletes all the more rewarding.

DoubleTree Hotel


This is not the Hilton Double Tree's first rodeo with the Jeux du Commerce. Having been the selected hotel in 2020, they are well aware of the specific needs that an event like ours may require. With a panoramic view of downtown Montreal and within walking distance of the main competition venue, it is the ideal choice to accommodate delegates during the weekend. The hotel will also host the long-awaited After Gala and the second party.